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Supply of high-quality nisin


Nisin, also known as nisin peptide, is a naturally bioactive antimicrobial peptide extracted from the fermentation products of nisin through biotechnology. It possesses various excellent properties, making it widely applicable in the food industry, pharmaceutical industry, agriculture, and other fields.

Nisin exhibits a strong antibacterial effect. It can kill or inhibit a variety of Gram-positive bacteria and some Gram-negative bacteria, especially showing significant inhibitory effects on food spoilage bacteria and pathogens. This broad-spectrum antibacterial activity makes nisin the only bacteriocin permitted worldwide as a food additive.

Nisin is highly selective, having minimal impact on the normal flora and other beneficial microbial communities in the human body. This means that while exerting its antimicrobial effects, it does not disrupt the microbial balance within the body, ensuring good safety.

Moreover, nisin is characterized by its excellent stability. It remains effective over a wide range of temperatures and pH levels, being soluble in water or liquids, and exhibits different solubility at various pH values. Additionally, nisin retains its activity under multiple conditions, such as acid resistance and heat resistance, even remaining stable under high temperatures and acidic environments.

As a natural antimicrobial substance that does not contain toxic substances, nisin poses no pollution or harm to human health and the environment. Its high safety profile allows for its wide acceptance across various applications.

High-quality nisin, with its strong and selective antibacterial action, excellent stability, and high safety, holds significant application value across multiple domains.