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Direct Supply from source nisin


Nisin, as a natural and efficient food preservative, has the capability to inhibit most Gram-positive bacteria as well as the spores of Bacillus, thus it is widely applied in the food industry. Direct supply of nisin indeed plays a crucial role in enhancing food safety.

Through direct supply, producers of nisin are able to ensure the quality and safety of the product while reducing intermediate links and lowering costs. This enables more food companies to use this high-quality preservative, which helps these companies improve the preservative effects of their products, extend shelf life, and reduce food spoilage problems caused by microbial contamination, thereby improving the overall quality of the food.

Moreover, direct supply of nisin also contributes to the sustainable development of the food industry. By optimizing the supply chain and reducing intermediate links, energy consumption and emissions can be lowered, reducing the environmental impact. Since nisin is a natural preservative, compared to chemically synthesized preservatives, it aligns more with consumer demands for health and environmental protection, aiding in enhancing the brand image and market competitiveness of food companies.

Direct supply of nisin provides strong support for upgrading food safety. It not only improves the preservative effect and quality of food but also promotes the sustainable development of the food industry, meeting consumer demands for health and environmental protection. As the focus on food safety and health continues to rise, it is believed that the application of nisin in the food industry will become even more extensive.