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Export-grade nisin prices


Export-grade nisin, as a high-quality food additive and preservative, possesses the following notable characteristics:

1.Strong Antimicrobial Activity: Export-grade nisin exhibits potent antimicrobial activity, effectively inhibiting a wide range of Gram-positive bacteria and some Gram-negative bacteria, including many that cause food spoilage. This broad-spectrum antimicrobial property makes it an ideal preservative component in the food industry.

2.High Selectivity: Nisin has minimal impact on the normal flora and other beneficial microbial communities in the human body, primarily targeting certain harmful bacteria species. This ensures that while protecting food quality, it does not adversely affect human health.

3.Outstanding Stability: Export-grade nisin demonstrates excellent stability, maintaining its activity under various temperatures, pH values, and food component conditions. This allows it to effectively perform its preservative function across a range of food processing and storage conditions.

4.High Safety: As a natural antimicrobial substance, nisin does not contain toxic components and is safe for both humans and the environment. Its use in food does not produce any adverse effects on the human body, meeting the safety standards for export foods.

5.Compliance with International Standards: The production and quality control of export-grade nisin adhere to strict international standards, ensuring its quality and purity meet export requirements. This includes compliance with regulations, certifications, and quality standards of the target market, facilitating smooth entry into the international market.

6.Ease of Use: Nisin typically comes in the form of a white to light yellow powder, soluble in water or solutions, making it convenient to add during the food production and processing stages.

With its strong antimicrobial action, high selectivity, outstanding stability, high safety, and compliance with international standards, export-grade nisin plays a significant role in the food industry and is widely welcomed by the international market.