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Pet Food Preservative Nisin


Nisin (lactic streptococcus peptide) can indeed be used as a preservative in pet food. This substance, produced by Lactococcus lactis (a type of small coccus that generates lactic acid), is a polypeptide with antibacterial activity. Due to its ability to inhibit most Gram-positive bacteria and strongly suppress the spores of Bacillus species, it is widely used in the field of food preservatives.

Adding nisin to pet food can effectively inhibit the growth of pathogenic and spoilage bacteria, extending the product's shelf life. Since nisin is a non-toxic natural preservative, it quickly hydrolyzes into amino acids under the physiological pH conditions and the action of α-chymotrypsin in the body, thus not altering the normal gut flora or causing resistance issues associated with other antibiotics, nor does it cause cross-resistance.

Additionally, nisin does not adversely affect the color, aroma, taste, or texture of food, making it widely applicable in dairy products, canned goods, fish products, and alcoholic beverages, including the production of pet food.

However, when using nisin as a preservative in pet food, it is necessary to comply with relevant regulations and requirements, and clearly label the product. The amount added and the method of use must also follow relevant standards and guidelines to ensure the safety and effectiveness of the pet food.