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Nisin Powder Factory


Nisin powder is popular in the food industry due to its high stability in a dry state, allowing it to maintain its antibacterial activity over a long period, making it more convenient and reliable for food manufacturing and storage.

The powdered form of nisin allows for easier and more accurate measurement, and it mixes uniformly with other food ingredients, which is crucial for ensuring consistent distribution of the preservative in food. Compared to liquid or paste forms, the powder takes up less space, has lower transportation costs, and is less susceptible to spoilage from temperature or humidity changes.

When added to food, nisin powder typically does not affect the taste, flavor, or appearance of the food, making it more appealing to manufacturers and consumers. As a natural preservative derived from Lactococcus lactis, nisin is highly safe and harmless to both pets and humans, which has led to its widespread acceptance in pet food applications as well.

The amount of nisin powder added can be adjusted as needed to meet the preservative requirements of different foods, allowing manufacturers to flexibly control product quality and shelf life.

Due to its high stability, ease of measurement and mixing, convenience in transportation and storage, lack of impact on food taste and appearance, and high safety, nisin powder is widely favored in the food industry. In the pet food sector, nisin powder is also extensively used as a preservative to ensure the safety and extend the shelf life of pet food.