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500g Nisin Price


Nisin is a common food preservative widely used in the food industry. Depending on the application requirements, nisin comes in different specifications. Here are some common specifications:

1.Purity Specifications:

·Standard Grade: Typically contains 2.5% or 5% nisin active ingredient, with the remaining part being a carrier (usually sodium chloride).

·High Purity Grade: Contains up to 10% or higher purity of nisin.

2.Activity Units:

·Activity units (International Units, IU) measure the potency of nisin. Common activity unit specifications include 1,000 IU/mg, 2,500 IU/mg, and 10,000 IU/mg.

3.Physical Form:

·Powder Form: This is the most common form, easy to add to various foods.

·Liquid Form: Mainly used in production processes requiring liquid additives.

4.Packaging Specifications:

·Small Packages: Such as 100 grams, 500 grams, or 1 kilogram, suitable for small-scale food production or laboratory use.

·Large Packages: Such as 5 kilograms, 10 kilograms, or 25 kilograms, suitable for large-scale food production enterprises.

5.Special Specifications:

·Some nisin products are further processed to meet specific industrial needs. For example, nisin with higher stability is suitable for foods that require high-temperature processing.


·Some nisin products are mixed with other preservatives or stabilizers to enhance their effectiveness or to meet specific food processing requirements.

These are some common specifications of nisin. The specific choice of specification depends on the particular needs of food production, processing technology, and regulatory requirements of the target market. When purchasing and using nisin, it is essential to select the appropriate specification based on production needs and product characteristics.