500g ε- Polylysine hydrochloride Price


Here is  the detailed recommendations for the storage of large quantities of ε-Polylysine hydrochloride based on its characteristics and recommended storage conditions:

Correct Storage Method for Large Quantities of ε-Polylysine Hydrochloride

1. Packaging:

·The standard packaging for ε-Polylysine Hydrochloride is generally 25KG per bag or 25KG per cardboard drum. The contact packaging materials should comply with the provisions of GB 4806 (all parts). The packaging should be sturdy and sealed tightly.

2. Storage Environment:

·The product should be stored in a dry, ventilated, and cool warehouse.

·It should be protected from direct sunlight to prevent adverse effects on the product.

3. Storage Conditions:

·The product should be stored in a sealed and light-proof manner to maintain its stability and quality.

·It is recommended to store at room temperature and avoid extreme temperatures that could affect the product.

4. Transportation:

·During transportation, measures should be taken to protect the product from moisture and sunlight, ensuring it is not adversely affected during the process.

5. Labels and Markings:

·Product labels should comply with the provisions of GB 29924.  ·The packaging and transportation pictorial markings should comply with the regulations for fragile items, rainproof, sun-proof, and upright as specified in GB/T 191.

6. Other Considerations:

·As ε-Polylysine Hydrochloride is a preservative, it should be stored separately from substances that could chemically react with it.

The storage area should be clean to avoid contamination by dust and impurities.

Regular inspections of the storage conditions should be conducted to ensure the product remains in good storage condition.

By paying attention to packaging, storage environment, storage conditions, transportation, labels and markings, and other considerations, the stability and quality of large quantities of ε-Polylysine Hydrochloride can be ensured.