Wholesale Food Grade Nisin Powder


Food-grade nisin powder (lactic streptococcus peptide) is a natural bioactive antibacterial peptide with broad-spectrum antibacterial properties, particularly effective against Gram-positive bacteria.

Nisin powder needs to be dissolved in water or liquid to be effective. Its solubility varies with pH levels. Typically, in water with a pH of 7, the solubility is 49.0 mg/ml (nisin), while in 0.02M hydrochloric acid, the solubility increases to 118.0 mg/ml (nisin). Under alkaline conditions, nisin is almost insoluble.

The amount of nisin powder to be added should be determined based on the specific application and requirements. Generally, in meat products, dairy products, canned foods, and similar items, the typical addition amount is around 0.5g/kg. If it needs to be used in combination with other preservatives, the reference amount is 0.03-0.2g/kg.

Nisin powder should be evenly added to food by methods such as stirring and mixing to ensure uniform distribution within the food.


Before use, ensure that the packaging of nisin powder is intact and within the expiration date.

During storage, keep nisin powder in a cool, dry, and sealed environment, avoiding direct sunlight to maintain its activity.

Do not mix nisin powder with toxic or harmful substances.

Follow relevant regulations and standards during use to ensure food safety.

Application Range: Nisin powder can be widely used in meat products, dairy products, canned foods, seafood, beverages, fruit juice drinks, liquid eggs and egg products, seasonings, brewing processes, baked goods, convenience foods, flavor bases, and spices.

When using food-grade nisin powder, adhere to relevant regulations and standards to ensure food safety and efficacy. If necessary, consult professionals or relevant organizations for more detailed information and guidance.