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Pharmaceutical grade nisin


Pharmaceutical-grade nisin is a natural biopreservative with broad application value.It is a peptide produced through the fermentation of Lactococcus lactis, exhibiting features such as efficiency, safety, non-toxicity, and no residue.  In the pharmaceutical field, nisin finds extensive use in preserving various formulations, including injectables, oral liquids, ophthalmic preparations, and more.

The primary role of nisin in the pharmaceutical field is to inhibit bacterial growth and reproduction, thereby preventing microbial contamination of drugs during production and storage.Compared to traditional chemical preservatives, nisin offers superior safety and effectiveness since it poses no harm to the human body and does not compromise the composition and efficacy of pharmaceuticals.

Nisin can also be employed in the preparation of various pharmaceutical formulations, such as antimicrobial drugs and anticancer medications, where it serves as an auxiliary ingredient to enhance drug effectiveness and stability.

Additionally, nisin exhibits therapeutic properties.Studies indicate its inhibitory effects on various bacteria, making it applicable in treating bacterial-induced diseases like oral ulcers, skin conditions, etc. Furthermore, nisin promotes wound healing and tissue regeneration, showcasing certain clinical applications.

Pharmaceutical-grade nisin is a safe, effective, and versatile natural biopreservative and therapeutic agent.Its application in the pharmaceutical field contributes to improving the quality and safety of drugs, facilitating drug development and usage.However, when using nisin, adherence to relevant regulations and standards is essential to ensure its safety and effectiveness.