One kilogram pack of nisin powder


The method of using one kilogram packaging of nisin powder is as follows:

Preparation: Wash hands and clean the working area to ensure cleanliness and sterility. Place the nisin powder in the palm of the hand or a clean container.

Measurement: Use precise measuring tools (such as an electronic scale) to weigh the appropriate amount of nisin powder according to the required usage. The specific dosage should be determined based on the type, purpose, and regulatory requirements of the processed food.

Dissolution: Add the measured nisin powder to an appropriate amount of distilled water or cold boiled water to prepare a solution of about 5%. Ensure thorough stirring to achieve uniform mixing.

Addition: Evenly add the prepared nisin solution to the food. Spraying, soaking, or mixing methods can be used to ensure the uniform distribution of nisin in the food, achieving the desired preservative effect.

Subsequent processing: Follow the subsequent cooking, packaging, and other steps according to the food processing flow, ensuring compliance with food safety regulations during processing to prevent cross-contamination.

It should be noted that the amount of nisin used must strictly comply with food safety regulations and relevant standards, and overuse is not allowed. Avoid simultaneous use with other preservatives during use to prevent adverse reactions. For special foods or specific processing techniques, it is recommended to conduct experiments before use to determine the optimal addition method and dosage.

After using nisin, the remaining powder should be properly stored to avoid moisture and contamination. If there are any questions or discomfort during use, it is recommended to consult with professionals or relevant organizations.