Nisin suppliers and manufacturers


Nisin is a natural bioactive antimicrobial peptide extracted from Lactococcus lactis using biotechnology. It is a pure, natural, efficient, and safe polypeptide. Composed of 34 amino acids and with a molecular weight of approximately 3500 Da, nisin can inhibit most Gram-positive bacteria and has a strong inhibitory effect on Bacillus spores.

In the food industry, nisin is widely used as a preservative to extend shelf life and maintain food quality. Additionally, nisin has good heat and acid resistance, allowing it to remain active under various food processing and storage conditions.

When ingested, nisin rapidly hydrolyzes into amino acids under physiological pH conditions and the action of alpha-chymotrypsin. It does not alter the normal intestinal flora and does not cause resistance issues or cross-resistance problems like other antibiotics. Therefore, nisin is considered an efficient, safe, and side-effect-free natural food preservative.

Moreover, nisin is also used in the medical and healthcare industries, offering broad application prospects.

As a polypeptide, nisin is easily broken down by plant proteases after entering the human body, making it a safe, non-toxic, and effective natural food preservative. However, it is important to follow relevant safety standards and operating procedures during its use to ensure food safety. The main methods of using nisin (Nisin) are as follows:

1.Preparation of Aqueous Suspension: Since nisin dissolves more thoroughly under low pH conditions, it is recommended to prepare a 5% aqueous suspension (pH about 3-4) using food-grade acidic medium, cold boiled water (or distilled water), and then add it to the food in the required amount and mix thoroughly.

2.Mixing with Other Ingredients: According to process requirements, nisin can be mixed with other ingredients before being dissolved and used.

3.Dissolving in Original Food Juice or Broth: Nisin can also be dissolved in a small amount of the original food's juice or broth, then added to the food in the required amount and mixed thoroughly.

Businesses can choose the above methods based on their actual situation. Additionally, nisin can also be used in combination with other preservatives.