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Nisin has strict storage environment requirements, which are detailed and summarized as follows:

1.Temperature Requirements:

Nisin should be stored in a low-temperature environment. The recommended storage temperature is 2-8°C (Reference Article 3).

2.Light Conditions:

Nisin needs to be stored away from light, as it can lose its activity when exposed to heat, moisture, and light (Reference Article 1).

3.Humidity Conditions:

Nisin should be stored in a dry environment to maintain its stability and activity.

4.Packaging and Sealing:

Nisin should be stored in sealed containers to prevent contact with moisture and oxygen in the air, thereby reducing the risk of oxidation and inactivation.

5.Avoiding Harmful Substances:

Nisin should be stored away from toxic and harmful substances to prevent contamination and cross-reactions (Reference Article 1).

6.Transportation Conditions:

The transportation conditions for nisin should be similar to the storage conditions, with careful handling to prevent sun exposure and rain, which could lead to inactivation.

7.Shelf Life:

Due to its sensitivity to heat, moisture, and light, nisin has a relatively short shelf life and requires regular inspection and updates of the stored product.

The storage environment for nisin should meet the conditions of low temperature, darkness, dryness, sealing, and avoidance of harmful substances to ensure its stability and activity during storage and transportation. These requirements are crucial for maintaining the preservative efficacy and safety of nisin.