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Nisin Powder Market Price


The price of nisin powder in the market varies depending on factors such as brand, purity, specifications, supplier, and market demand.

The price of nisin powder varies by brand. For example, brands like Hebei Shengxue Dacheng Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd offer nisin powder with different purities and specifications in the market, with higher purity products often being more expensive.

Price is closely related to product specifications and minimum order quantity. Generally, the larger the minimum order quantity, the lower the unit price. For example, some suppliers offer nisin powder in specifications ranging from 5mg to 1kg, with minimum order quantities ranging from 1kg to 500kg, and prices vary accordingly.

According to information from reference articles, the price of nisin powder varies between different times and suppliers. For instance, data from May 2024 shows prices ranging from 115 yuan to 380 yuan per kilogram, with prices for certain special specifications or branded products possibly being higher.

Price fluctuations may also be influenced by market demand, raw material costs, production processes, and industry trends. Therefore, suppliers and buyers need to closely monitor market dynamics to make informed purchasing and sales decisions.

The price of a certain brand of nisin powder may vary depending on purity, specifications, and minimum order quantity. For example, the price of 1kg of nisin powder with 99% purity may range from 200 yuan to 400 yuan. However, the specific price still needs to be determined based on factors such as the supplier and market demand.

The price of nisin powder has shown a fluctuating trend over the past period, which may be related to changes in raw material prices, production costs, and market demand. However, due to the uncertainty of market changes, future price trends are difficult to predict accurately.

The price of nisin powder in the market is influenced by various factors, and suppliers and buyers need to closely monitor market dynamics to make reasonable purchasing and sales decisions based on market conditions.