Nisin powder for catering industry


Nisin powder for the catering industry is a food preservative specifically designed for the culinary sector. Nisin itself is a peptide substance formed by Lactococcus lactis and is effective in inhibiting and killing most Gram-positive bacteria and pathogenic bacilli, such as spore-forming rods. The nisin powder for the catering industry is produced based on these characteristics, specifically targeting the preservation and anti-bacterial needs of catering foods.

The powder form of nisin is easy to use and store, making it convenient for catering businesses to apply it to various foods, such as meat products, dairy products, and canned goods. By inhibiting the growth of harmful bacteria, it effectively extends the shelf life of food, maintains its freshness and taste, and ensures food safety.

Nisin powder for the catering industry is a highly effective, non-toxic, safe, and side-effect-free natural food preservative. It does not accumulate in the human body nor does it have negative effects on human health. Once ingested, under physiological pH conditions and the action of α-chymotrypsin in the human body, it quickly hydrolyzes into amino acids, providing essential nutrients and energy sources for the body.

Therefore, nisin powder for the catering industry is an important tool for catering businesses to ensure food safety, improve food quality, and extend the shelf life of food. Additionally, due to its naturalness and safety, it also aligns with modern consumers' pursuit of healthy, green, and natural foods.