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Nisin for solid drinks


Nisin specialized for solid beverages refers to nisin that is designed, produced, and used specifically for this particular category of products. Nisin, a polypeptide substance formed by Lactococcus lactis, possesses antimicrobial properties and is widely used as a food preservative.

In solid beverages, the primary function of nisin is to prevent the growth and reproduction of microorganisms, thereby extending the product's shelf life and maintaining its quality. Due to their unique form and storage methods, solid beverages may have different preservative requirements compared to other foods. Hence, nisin specialized for solid beverages is designed and optimized according to the characteristics of solid beverages to ensure its effectiveness and stability in this application.

Please note that although nisin is a natural and efficient preservative, its use must still comply with relevant regulations and food safety standards. It is important to ensure that the amount added and the method of use in solid beverages adhere to regulations, to safeguard consumer health and safety.