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Nisin For High Effectiveness


The dosage control of high-efficiency nisin is key to ensuring its optimal effectiveness in various applications. According to the requirements of the GB2760-2014 standard, it is essential to ensure that its usage does not exceed the specified maximum limits. The dosage of nisin should be determined based on the characteristics and needs of different products (such as meat products, dairy products, canned goods, etc.) to ensure product quality and safety. During use, individual adjustments should be made based on the patient's age, liver and kidney function, and the severity of the infection to ensure the drug's efficacy and safety.

Usage of High-Efficiency Nisin in the Food Industry:

1.Meat Products:

·Pre-cooked Meat Products and Cooked Meat Products: The usage of nisin should not exceed 0.5g/kg.

·Sausages, Ham, etc.: Adding nisin can inhibit most Gram-positive bacteria without affecting the product's color, aroma, and taste. The usual addition amount is 5g/100kg to 15g/100kg. Combining it with a small amount of other preservatives can extend the product's shelf life to over three months at room temperature.

2.Dairy Products:

·Yogurt, Fruit Milk: In products with a pH of around 4, adding 0.05g/kg of nisin can extend the shelf life from 6 days at room temperature to over a month after sterilization.

·Canned Unsweetened Condensed Milk: Adding 0.08g/kg to 0.1g/kg of nisin can inhibit the growth of heat-resistant spores, reducing the heat treatment time.

3.Beverages, Canned Goods, and Other Fields:

·Canned Fungus and Algae, Eight-Treasure Congee, Soy Sauce, Sauces and Sauce Products, Compound Seasonings, ·Beverages: The usage of nisin should not exceed 0.2g/kg.

·Vinegar: The usage should not exceed 0.15g/kg.

Usage Method:

·Solution Preparation: Prepare a solution of about 5% nisin with distilled water or cooled boiled water.

·Thorough Mixing: Add the prepared solution to the food, mixing it thoroughly in a stepwise manner to achieve uniform mixing.

·Compound Usage: Nisin can be used in combination with other preservatives to enhance the preservation effect.

When using nisin, it is important to strictly follow national standards and regulations to ensure product quality and safety. Additionally, avoid contact with toxic, harmful, and corrosive substances to prevent adverse reactions or reduced drug effectiveness. For special populations (such as pregnant women, children, the elderly, etc.), pay extra attention to the dosage and usage method, and use under the guidance of a physician.