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Nisin for dairy products


Nisin, as a natural, safe, and efficient biological preservative, has found widespread application in global dairy enterprises. With increasing consumer attention to food safety and health, dairy companies face progressively stringent regulations and market demands. Consequently, the adoption of natural preservatives like nisin has become a crucial means for dairy enterprises to enhance product quality, safety, and meet consumer demands.

Nisin effectively inhibits various Gram-positive bacteria, particularly bacterial spores, demonstrating excellent inhibitory effects on spoilage bacteria in dairy products. Simultaneously, it does not disrupt the beneficial microbial communities in dairy products and poses no harm to human health. Therefore, adding nisin to dairy products can extend the shelf life, preserve taste, and nutritional value, ultimately improving overall product quality and safety.

Moreover, the use of nisin can reduce sterilization temperatures and times during dairy production, leading to decreased energy consumption and production costs. This contributes to increased production efficiency and economic benefits. Consequently, an increasing number of dairy companies are adopting nisin as a preservative to enhance product competitiveness and market share.

In summary, with consumers placing growing emphasis on food safety and health, coupled with the continuous development and expansion of the dairy market, the application of natural preservatives like nisin in the dairy sector is expected to gain even more widespread recognition and adoption. Simultaneously, dairy enterprises need to continuously explore and innovate, adopting more advanced and safe preservation technologies to provide consumers with healthier, safer, and more delicious dairy products.