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Natural preservative nisin


The natural preservative nisin is an antibacterial peptide derived from the fermentation process of specific lactic acid bacteria. This unique bio-preservative is characterized by its safety, non-toxicity, and high efficiency, particularly effective against various Gram-positive bacteria, including those causing food spoilage and certain pathogenic bacteria.

Nisin is the world's first food-grade natural preservative jointly recognized and widely used by the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations and the World Health Organization. Its mechanism of action primarily involves disrupting the synthesis of bacterial cell walls, thereby inhibiting the growth of harmful bacteria, ensuring food safety, and extending the shelf life of food.

As a green and eco-friendly food additive, nisin is rapidly broken down into amino acids by digestive enzymes in the human body, causing no toxic accumulation and posing no harm to human health. It is not only applied in dairy products, meat products, baked goods, canned foods, and various other food items but is also favored by the industry for its effective preservation at low dosages.

Furthermore, by reducing dependence on chemically synthesized preservatives, nisin contributes to steering the food industry towards a healthier and more environmentally friendly direction.