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High Qurity Nisin Supplier


Nisin is considered an efficient, non-toxic, safe, and side-effect-free natural food preservative. The primary purpose of adding an appropriate amount of nisin to seafood products is to preserve and extend their shelf life.

Nisin has been widely used in various food fields, including dairy products, canned goods, fish products (i.e., seafood), and alcoholic beverages. In seafood products, it is commonly used as a preservative to ensure product safety and extend shelf life.

Nisin can effectively inhibit most Gram-positive bacteria and has a strong inhibitory effect on the spores of Bacillus species. It works by disrupting the normal function of bacterial cell membranes, causing changes in membrane permeability, nutrient loss, and a decrease in membrane potential, leading to the death of pathogenic and spoilage bacteria cells.

Nisin not only inhibits the growth of vegetative cells but also has a particularly significant inhibitory effect on spores. Spore-forming bacteria are usually highly heat-resistant, and nisin can effectively inhibit the germination and proliferation of these bacteria at relatively low concentrations.

Under the physiological pH conditions of the human body and the action of α-chymotrypsin, nisin is rapidly hydrolyzed into amino acids. It does not alter the normal intestinal flora of the human body, nor does it produce drug resistance or cross-resistance with other antibiotics.

By inhibiting spoilage and pathogenic bacteria in seafood products, nisin can significantly extend the shelf life of seafood products and reduce food waste caused by microbial contamination. It does not adversely affect the color, aroma, taste, or texture of the food, maintaining the original quality of the seafood products. The use of nisin can lower sterilization temperatures and times, reduce the destruction of nutritional components by heat processing, and save energy.

Adding an appropriate amount of nisin to seafood products leverages its potent preservative capabilities to extend product shelf life and maintain product quality.