Custom ε-Polylysine hydrochloride


ε-polylysine hydrochloride, as an important food additive, has various functions such as preservation and antibacterial properties, and is widely used in the food industry. Customization of ε-polylysine hydrochloride can be considered from the following aspects:

1.Purity and Concentration: The purity and concentration of ε-polylysine hydrochloride can be customized according to specific needs. Different foods or application scenarios may require different purities and concentrations of ε-polylysine hydrochloride to achieve optimal preservation effects.

2.Particle Size: The particle size of ε-polylysine hydrochloride can also be customized. Adjusting the particle size can affect its dissolution rate, distribution uniformity, and application effectiveness in foods.

3.Packaging and Labeling: When customizing ε-polylysine hydrochloride, different packaging materials and specifications can be chosen based on needs, as well as specific label information, such as the production date, shelf life, usage methods, etc., to meet specific market or regulatory requirements.

4.Customization for Special Purposes: For certain specific foods or application scenarios, ε-polylysine hydrochloride can be customized to have specific functions, such as enhanced inhibition against certain specific microorganisms, improved stability at specific pH levels, etc.

When customizing ε-polylysine hydrochloride, it is essential to ensure that the customized product complies with relevant regulations and standards to guarantee its safety and effectiveness. Additionally, collaborating with professional manufacturers or suppliers can provide more professional and specific customization services.

For detailed information about the customization process, pricing, delivery times, etc., it is advisable to consult directly with professional ε-polylysine hydrochloride manufacturers or suppliers, who can provide a detailed customization plan and quotation based on your specific needs.