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25KG Nisin Powder


The packaging of nisin powder can be clearly described and summarized as follows:

1.Packaging Specifications:

Common packaging specification for nisin powder is 1*25 (i.e., 25 kg per drum).

2.Packaging Materials:

Nisin powder is a white to light yellow powder, so the packaging material must ensure product sealing and moisture resistance. It is usually packaged in drums.

The material of the drums may be plastic, metal, or other suitable durable materials.

3.Labels and Marking:

The packaging should clearly indicate the product name, "nisin Powder."

It should include the main attributes of the product, such as content (e.g., 99%), type (e.g., food grade), CAS number, etc.

The packaging should state the production date, shelf life, manufacturer, production license number, and other relevant information.

It should also include usage instructions, safety warnings, and other necessary information.

4.Standards Compliance:

The packaging of nisin powder should comply with the relevant regulations of the national standard (GB2760).

5.Weight and Quantity:

Each drum of nisin powder typically weighs 25 kg.

Depending on the purchase quantity, different price discounts may be offered, such as one price for 1-25 drums, and another price for 25 or more drums.

6.Storage and Transportation:

The packaging should ensure the safety and stability of the product during storage and transportation.

Storage conditions, such as avoiding direct sunlight and keeping dry, should be indicated on the packaging.

7.Other Information:

Nisin powder needs to be dissolved in water or liquid when used, and its solubility varies with pH. This should be reflected in the usage instructions.

The above information is based on the relevant content from the reference article, providing a clear and detailed description of the packaging of nisin powder. In actual application, different manufacturers may make adjustments based on product characteristics and market demands.