Colistin Sulphate Premix
  • Createtime: 2023-03-06
  • Updatetime: 2023-03-10
Product Details

Product Name: Shengxueqingkang

Generic Name: Colistin Sulfate Premix

Description: The product is a white to yellowish granular or powder form.

Specifications: 100g: 10g (3 billion units); 100g: 20g (6 billion units)

Pharmacological Action: Colistin sulfate is a polypeptide antibiotic and an alkaline cationic surfactant. It interacts with the phospholipids inside the bacterial cell membrane, penetrates into the bacterial cell membrane, disrupts its structure, changes the membrane permeability, and causes bacterial death, resulting in bactericidal action. The product has strong antibacterial activity against Gram-negative bacteria such as aerobic bacteria, Escherichia coli, Haemophilus influenzae, Klebsiella pneumoniae, Pasteurella multocida, Pseudomonas aeruginosa, Salmonella spp., Shigella spp., etc.

Indications and Usage: The product is mainly used to treat intestinal infections caused by Gram-negative bacteria.

Approval Number: Veterinary Drug Approval No. 031192438.

Colistin Sulphate Premix Introduction

Colistin Sulfate Premix, also known by its brand name "Sheng Xue Qing Kang," is a veterinary drug that contains the active ingredient colistin sulfate, a polypeptide antibiotic with a strong antibacterial effect against Gram-negative bacteria. It is available as off-white to yellowish granules or powder in two different specifications: 100g containing either 10g (3 million units) or 20g (6 million units) of colistin sulfate.

Colistin sulfate, a cationic surfactant, works by interacting with the phospholipids inside the bacterial cell membrane, which disrupts its structure and causes a change in membrane permeability, leading to bacterial death. It has a broad spectrum of antibacterial activity against a variety of Gram-negative bacteria, including Escherichia coli, Klebsiella pneumoniae, Pseudomonas aeruginosa, and Salmonella spp.

Colistin Sulfate Premix is primarily used for the treatment of intestinal infections caused by Gram-negative bacteria in animals. It is particularly effective against infections caused by colistin-susceptible strains of bacteria, and is commonly used to treat enteritis and diarrhea in pigs, poultry, and other farm animals. The premix formulation of colistin sulfate allows for convenient and accurate dosing in animal feed, ensuring that the correct amount of medication is delivered to each animal.

The drug has been approved by the Chinese regulatory agency for veterinary drugs under the approval number "Animal Medicine Character 031192438" and is manufactured in accordance with the Chinese Veterinary Pharmacopoeia, European Pharmacopoeia, and United States Pharmacopoeia standards. It should be stored in a cool, dry place, away from direct sunlight, and in a sealed container.

While colistin sulfate is an effective antibiotic, its use in veterinary medicine has been controversial due to concerns over the development of antibiotic resistance. The World Health Organization has listed colistin as a critically important antibiotic for human health, and its use in animal feed has been restricted in some countries in order to preserve the effectiveness of the drug for human use.

In conclusion, Colistin Sulfate Premix is an effective veterinary drug for the treatment of Gram-negative bacterial infections in animals. Its premix formulation allows for convenient and accurate dosing in animal feed, and it has been approved for use in accordance with regulatory standards. However, its use should be carefully monitored and regulated in order to prevent the development of antibiotic resistance and ensure its continued effectiveness for human and animal health.