ε-Polylysine hydrochloride factory in China


The characteristics of ε-polylysine hydrochloride supplied by Chinese factories, like any product, can vary depending on the manufacturer, product specifications, and production processes.

ε-Polylysine hydrochloride is a biodegradable polymer composed of L-lysine amino acids linked by peptide bonds.Its chemical structure remains consistent regardless of the source.

ε-Polylysine hydrochloride exhibits strong antimicrobial properties against various microorganisms, including bacteria and some fungi.This property is consistent across different manufacturers.

ε-Polylysine hydrochloride is commonly used as a food preservative to inhibit the growth of bacteria and extend the shelf life of food products.Its primary function is to maintain the safety and quality of food.

Products supplied by Chinese factories are expected to meet the regulatory standards and requirements established by the Chinese government and international food safety organizations.These standards ensure the safety and quality of ε-polylysine hydrochloride.

Manufacturers are expected to produce high-quality ε-polylysine hydrochloride with specified purity levels to meet the needs of the food and pharmaceutical industries.

The recommended dosage and application instructions may vary based on the manufacturer's product specifications and the specific food products to which ε-polylysine hydrochloride will be added.

ε-Polylysine hydrochloride is typically supplied in various forms, such as powder or liquid, and it may be available in different packaging options to suit the needs of customers.

The product should have a defined shelf life, and its stability over time is a key characteristic to consider.

When sourcing any food ingredient, including ε-polylysine hydrochloride, it's advisable to work with reputable and certified suppliers, conduct quality control assessments, and ensure that the product complies with the regulatory standards of both the country of origin and the country where it will be used.Specific product details and quality attributes may vary among different manufacturers, so it's essential to communicate with suppliers directly to obtain precise information on their ε-polylysine hydrochloride products.